A Method to Tame the Madness!



There seems to be a lot of chaos surrounding travel anymore. The hustle and bustle of A-Z: clearing your family’s entire schedule, booking the travel, getting packed, frantically trying to get to the airport on time without pulling a Home Alone. It all equates to stress. The polar opposite of what vacations indent to provide.

Here are a few tidbits on how to minimize the stress. Boy have I learned from so many mistakes. You would think I would have thrown in the Family Vacay towel by now.

Forget planning months and months in advance. Make it happen last minute! There are plenty of last minute deals that beat any price you will find when it comes to flights, hotels and rental cars. There are always seats that need to be filled. The theory is, compact the stress into two or three days instead of months of planning and you will lean into your edge. Edge of Makin Shit Happen.

You will be surprised at how resourceful you can be when necessary. Tasks then become more of a challenge as opposed to a burden. It’s almost fun and definitely deserves a big fat pat on the back and by that I mean a Margarita on the Plane! 


Try some of the Frugal Travel Guy‘s pointers. This guy is the best. Seriously has saved me thousands on a single trip to FL two years ago! Woop. 

Travel light! I know I know, everyone says it. The fact is…no matter where you go they sell toothbrushes. Live a little. So what if you forget a teensy something. Try not to forget a kid or any medication that keeps you alive. Other than that, the lighter you pack the more crap, I mean memories, you can come home with. Noteworthy: vacuum sealer travel bags got me into ONE medium suitcase for a two week Scotland trip.

!!Don’t forget cash. The End.

This one isn’t exactly a money saver but it’s definitely a stress and time saver. Hire a limo service for airport shuttling. These guys are trained meaning they handle you, your family and your luggage with extra care, they know all the shortcuts to avoid traffic THAT THEY RESEARCH before picking you up, they don’t just drop you off and kick yo to the curb, they help with the luggage. So much more. I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve been in with Uber/taxi drivers on directions. They never heed my advice and I have missed flights numerous times due to a sheer lack of giving a shit. Ugh. If you allow yourself to be just another cab fare than you will be treated like just another cab fare. Let’s not even get into how disgusting cabs are.


This is just a nervous nelly tidbit. Always leave a family member or friend with your destination information. Ehhhh, safe sorry.

Which is more important to you; time inside or outside the hotel? Don’t stress about the stars of the hotel. Is it clean? Is it safe? Do have a balcony/patio? If yes to all of the above than take it! Then go away. Get some memories logged into that adventure bucket list of yours. I have traveled to 9 Countries (not that I’m bragging just supporting) and I have only remembered the hotel a couple of times. Once in Hawaii because we were there for 14 days and it became our sweet little home. Twice in Costa Rica again for the same reason. Hmmmm on that note: If you are vacaying in the same spot for over 4 days than spend a little more on the hotel.

Also must mention, I usually try to wheel and deal with VRBO or Home Away. Always ask for a discount ANYWHERE you go. The worst that can happen is a simple NO.


Happy Trails.


 photo credit: Ryan McGuire